Autism and Behavioral Consulting


About Dr. Lori

Dr. Lori Ernsperger is an international presenter, author, college professor, educational consultant and President of Autism and Behavioral Consulting. Dr. Lori Ernsperger received her Ph.D. degree in Special Education from Indiana University and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Dr. Ernsperger has more than 30 years of experience working in the public schools as a classroom teacher, administrator, and educational consultant.

Dr. Ernsperger provides staff development and conference workshops to school district personnel and parents. Workshop topics include:

  • Evidence-Based Methods for Addressing Problem Behaviors: Focus on Functional Behavior Assessment and Developing Behavior Intervention Plans
  • Instructional Methods for Teaching Students with ASD: Applied Behavior Analysis and Discrete Trial Teaching
  • Progress Monitoring and Data Collection for the Classroom
  • Practical Strategies for Teaching Students with Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism
  • How to Get your Kids to Eat: Easy, Effective Answers to Food Aversions and Eating Challenges
  • Girls Under the Umbrella of ASD
  • The 3 R’s to Bullying Prevention: Recognize, Respond and Report
  • 6 Critical Elements for Teaching Individuals with ASD

“Lori is a magnificent, enthusiastic presenter who possesses a wealth of information. Even after 27 years in special education, this old dog learned some new tricks.”
— Dianna, Special Education Teacher

About Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorders is a neurological disorder that affects an individual’s ability to communicate, understand language, play, and relate to others. They share some or all of the following characteristics, which can vary from mild to severe:

  • Communication problems (for example, with the use or comprehension of language);
  • Difficulty relating to people, things, and events;
  • Playing with toys and objects in unusual ways;
  • Difficulty adjusting to changes in routine or to familiar surroundings; and
  • Repetitive body movements or behaviors.

The causes of autism spectrum disorders are not known. Researchers are currently studying such areas as neurological damage and chemical imbalances within the brain. These disorders are not due, however, to psychological factors or, as has been widely reported in the press, to childhood vaccines. For More information, visit our “Links” page.

1 in 68 births in the U.S. is a child with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

ADS is the fastest growing developmental disability.